01.02.2010Dr. med. vet. Helmut Ende:

...Your book "Understanding and Feeling" is at last a kind of riding instruction which does not merely give orders but rather also addresses the rider's brain. We have been waiting a long time for such a publication. All previous instructional works about learning to ride were instructions/orders about how to proceed. Here we finally have a publication which, supplemented by many coloured pictures and pedagogically founded directions, clearly explains how a rider should proceed and gives reasons why this should be done….

Ellen Kienzle (Professor for animal nutrition, University Munich):

...The classical riding theory is based on the fundamental cornerstones of functional anatomy, training physiology and animal conduct. Thus it is hardly subkect to change. If it is to remain alive, however, every generation has to tackle it anew, to translate the knowledge which has been passed on to them into their own language and to adapt it to changing conditions. This is precisely what is achieved by Michael Putz in this book. …

Eckart Meyners:

...The desire to combine understanding with feeling is an attempt which cannot be acclaimed highly enough . Precisely these two words define the poles between which the process of learning to ride takes place. But just how closely interlinked are these two extremes whilst riding? And how about the fundamental consideration of the balance point of the two so-called partners of riding?...

Joan Adler, Ontario, Canada:

I am writing to you about the English translation of the  book (Reiten mit Verstand und Gefühl: published by FNverlag)
I was visiting my daughter in Warendorf this past September, and purchased the English version of this book.  First off, thank you very much for going to the effort of translating it.  I have read it cover to cover, and it is wonderfully written!  It explains many ideas about which I have not had an explanation for, and I have been riding a good many years!  I do hope that more of the FN books will be translated - we have so few really 'correct' books in English!...

...Although we may have a 'language barrier' because we speak different languages, please do NOT let that deter you from encouraging the translation of future books, which may help to improve riders and bring enlightenment and understanding to our riding.  I love the saying "where knowledge ends, brutality begins".  I always encourage all of my students to read, read and read - so that they will be better able to handle situations, and think first, rather than act 'against' their horse. And even though some of the words may not translate - the essence of what you are saying translates beautifully!
It is the fact that the German system 'works', and that you are able to 'teach' this to riders, which caused me to send my 19 year old daughter…
...Anyway, thanks again for all you have done to enlighten us, and I certainly do send encouragement to you for the future.

Take care,
Joan Adler, Ontario, Canada