Image Gallery

Okura Beach New Zealand

Marion Wilimzig, Work with Cavaletti

Monika Ulsamer and Watch me

Okura Beach New Zealand

Tanja Bangert and Hip-Hop

Pirouette Canter

Sabine Bungenberg

At Vanessa Way

Seminar at Wiesenhof

Tanja Bangert and Hip Hop

Thomas Bangert and Teseo

Vanessa Way and Arvan, Half-pass



Foto P. Prohn: Monika Ulsamer and Bowie

Seminar Akademie des Pferdes

Brook and Grab, Vanessa Way and Winters

Christchurch Mcleans Island

Presentation Equitana 2007 (Martina Littmann/Garoto, Britta Rasche/Empaque, Helder Carvalho/Sol)

With Dr. Heuschmann for CAVALLO at the Räuchle stable

Britta Rasche

Heike Schwass and Santa Lucia

Vanessa Way and Winters Realm

Ines Maier and Tzar

Marion Wilimzig, Work at Hand


My gratitude to the photographers Ludwiga v. Korff, Thomas Philippus, Julia Rau, Peter Prohn and Claudia Rehbein, who placed their photos at my disposal, and former a thank to the magazine CAVALLO.